Rockford Mills

Rockford Illinois is probably the toughest town in the United States of America. Established in the early 1800’s. A time that feminism was still a dirty word and metromen were actually men who were working on subways. A time that beards were a shear necessity instead of a fashionable accessory. A much simpler time.

Rockford was named after the Rock River that runs through it. Single handedly build by one man: GerMANicus Kent. The Chuck Norris of his days. A man with great ambitions and even bigger cojones.

Shortly after the establishment of the watermill and the connection to the North Western Union Railroad, the tough little town changed into the energetic industrial city it is today. A city that every now and then sparks with enthusiasm and a great bar-fight. Where the sky is filled with testosterone. And where the soup of the day is beer. A city filled with hardworking men.

Rockford Mills pays tribute to the hardworking men of Rockford Illinois. Rockford Mills has created a true Americana Denim Collection. Tough, strong clothing with the quality of the past, and the fits of present. Jeans made from the best Cone Denim available. That’s right baby, Cone Denim! Jeans that are made to work in, to get dirty in, to sweat in and every now and then, break a fart in.

Rockford Mills is made for true authentic and old school men. Manly men. Men who don’t take selfies, but make selftrees. Men who don’t sleep with bears, but wrestle them. Men who don’t carry handbags, unless there’s a pretty girl attached. Rockford Mills, for Real Men.

Rockford Mills is now available at Jeans Centre.